Every new project is an opportunity to excellence

Our customer-oriented service combined with our high-quality products has earned stabaArte GmbH a reputation as the leading museums technology provider. We specialize in the safe storage and handling of art and antiquities. We excel at turning creative ideas into innovative products. Our team of motivated professionals develop custom tailored art storage solutions as well cost effective standard solutions. Feedback from our customers help shape the design of our products.

stabaArte GmbH, located near Cologne Germany, was originally a subsidiary of Wuppermann Lamag GmbH, a world class manufacture of specialized steel storage systems. It became an independent entity in 2003 under the leadership of Jörn Liebelt, who is now the current owner and CEO. With the combined 40 years of storage equipment experience stabaArte GmbH continues to provide innovative art storage solutions worldwide.

stabaArte GmbH exclusively manufactures and installs art storage equipment that are found in museums all over the world. In 2005 we established a branch in Newport, Rhode Island to better service our valued customers in North, Central and South America’s.